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Days in with the kids aims to share ideas about creative play and learning, and to inspire us all to have fun with our kids at home!

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December 2013

Toothbrush Christmas trees


November 2013

Christmas tin foil collage                                                              Pirate ship boats


October 2013 

firework paintings

a home for a giraffe!                conkers                      face painting



September 2013 

sunflower seeds and cuttings        Autumn wreaths and collage


boat building                                     making cement



constructing using pictures          door hangers



pine cone sensory play                         junk model tunnels

Photo: Pine cones treasure box. Items to allow sorting,  counting,  scooping, pouring and exploring!                  

August 2013

observational drawing       cornflour                first marks


cutting and sticking      blocks and writing             fireman numbers



potty training                    sprinkles, cherries & strawberries!   magnetic letters

   Photo: Cake making day!  Yum yum!                


July 2013 Posts  

feather writing                  letter treasure hunt


bingo                               noughts and crosses          chocolate playdough


apples and rhubarb        water spray fun!           outdoor mark making


June 2013 Posts  

make  postcards          



post office                        snack time                     outdoor treasure garden



May 2013 Posts

dinosaur eggs                  dinosaur hunt


handprint hug                     colour                              binoculars



Goal! number game          sunflowers                         collage frame


April 2013 Posts

hook a number

reading/ composing music      making shakers            making old paper


shaving Foam Prints        easter treasure basket    coffee paper


March 2013 Posts

straws and play dough           straw art


sock Pairs                          counting with pegs             dinosaur play dough


February 2013 Posts

Writing in a train               flour play


Fairy Liquid Playdough            Chefs Hat                            Big writing


Elf school days                     Elf hat                            Potato Printing


Pompom letters            Valentine Tarts           Robotic Hand


Chopsticks & Words        Pompom Maths           Homemade Jigsaw



Rock Cakes                    Chinese New Year!       Panda Rice Collage


January 2013 Posts

Toilet rolls & muffin trays!

Planet Paintings                     Space Paintings                    moon dust mark making


Mark Making on a box        Baking Days                         Reading Days



Sledging Toys                Number Throwing Game             Marshmallow Snowman


Snow Dough                   We’re going on a Jewel Hunt          Ice Jewel Paining


Baby Blackboard Fun       Mark Making Role Play        Using a till & calculator


Masking Tape Letters             Gardening Days                   Role Play Café Days




December 2012 Posts

Chocolate Wrapping            Doily Pig                                  Tree Decorations



Doily Snowmen                      Doily Christmas Trees             Doily Angel



Christmas Traditions     Christmas party trick – the Baa ba game



Christmas House & Sleigh    Baby Days                          Writing Christmas Cards


Christmas Advent Calendar     Christmas Counting        Christmas Shapes



Christmas Keepsake      Heart Keepsake                Hand-print &foot-print Keepsakes



November 2012 Posts

Christmas Elf painting      Christmas Tree Card         Reindeer Card



Christmas Pancakes           Carol Singing Lanterns      Baby Bag 


Baby Playdough                Christmas Activity Advent      Sparkly Play Dough


Chocolate Play Dough        Play Dough Activities           Pancake Letter Game


Baby Tissue Game                   Long Distance Hug          Elephant Milk Bottles


Firework Sensory Bottle                Firework Painting                        Salt Dough Handprints



October Posts

Owl Collage                           Tree Collage                          Autumn Wreath


Monster Play dough              Monster Painting          Monster Model


Letter Matching                 Splat Game             Big Painting Rocket



Number Jigsaw


September Posts

Baby Rice Cake Game          Baby in a box                      Sensory Bottles


Treasure Baskets


Other Activities

Firemen                            Mosaic Pictures         Finger Printing & Shaving Foam


Anniversary Card                     Baking Cakes                           Fairy Sensory Bottle


Gift Tags                                   Mosaic Card                      Number Treasure Hunt


Counting                       Pom Poms                      Word Pegs


Letter Hunt                      A special delivery


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    I think your web site is excellent & will give mums/carers some very good ideas to amuse the kids but are also good for their developement. Well done!

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