How to make sensory bottles

You will need: a clear plastic bottle and any materials to fill it!

The aim of the sensory bottle is to give your child opportunities to observe and experiment.

Babies will have fun watching the materials change shape, appearance and making different sounds with sensory bottles.

Toddlers enjoy the same experimentation, and helps their language develop as they talk about what they can see and hear. Toddlers can also learn so much from making sensory bottles!

Here are some sensory bottles you could try:

You will need: Dry pasta shapes


You will need: fairy liquid, food colouring


You will need: confetti stars and fairy liquid

You will need: straws

How about a firework sensory bottle?

You will need: Pipecleaners, confetti and a bit of rice to make sound effects!


Here are some photos of the straws sensory bottle being made by a 2 year old:

He first thought about putting all the staws in at once…

He soon found he would have to put in one at a time, which kept him quiet for a very long time!


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  1. Thanks. I’m glad that you enjoyed making my Fireworks Sensory Bottle. Adding rice is a great idea!

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